From Steinbeck country in central California to the foothills of Colorado, Singer/songwriter Char Seawell captures the essence of the stories of everyday people living out their lives with courage and grace in the  face of everyday challenges. Infused with hope and rich with imagery, her music reflects the timelessness of singer/songwriters of the 60’s and 70’s. 

"Listening to the music of  Char Seawell and Windfall  is like hanging out in that favorite hole-in-the-wall coffee shop you adore...  It's intimate, familiar, yet constantly surprises you, and provides  a memorable experience you'll want to repeat again and again."    Bree Noble,, CEO, #1 Award-Winning Women of Substance Radio & Podcast

 “Windfall provides folk-type music that is a rare combination of family values and tunes that connect to the divine.  Most of their music is original and hits you deep in your heart.   I have been to coffee shops where they are performing and give the proceeds to a cause.  They are simply delightful and we will drive miles to hear them.  Plus, they have been one of the favorite groups that performed in The Lights of Christmas Starry Night Cafe at Warm Beach Camp. “                Nancy Nelson, Director of Donor Relations, Warm Beach Camp Ministries

Having hosted, produced, and MC'd for numerous concerts and musicians over the years, I enjoy listening to Windfall's music and working with them…their award-winning compositions and harmonies, as well as their musicianship. They have a connection to humanity, evidenced by their music and their behavior. Hence, I highly recommend their current venture, "Concerts with a Cause." Windfall accepts no remuneration for their generous performance. Hear them, donate. You'll be glad you did! Windfall, the talented musician duo, Tim & Char Seawell, are a delight to hear and be present with.         Mary Dessein, author, musician, concert emcee and organizer.

Reviews from Internet Radio

"Sweet...warm and poignant...Whenever you come on...I stop" 

 “Your song popped up on the radio and when I heard the song and your voice I had to click on my browser to see who this was. Great voice!" 

"Gorgeous song, and a beautiful voice." Evergreen 

“ Anything you folks do is so appealing to me and I'm certain many others . Your voice is just BEAUTIFUL! ” Joan 

“ Love your music! Beautiful voice and your words touch my heart."  Beth