Windblown Thoughts

What if I forget?

Just finished a new song, a duet with Tim where we pose to each other the question, “What if I forget...?” It is inspired by an elderly gentleman I met a few weeks ago at an adult family home. When I introduced myself, he smiled up at me and said, “Did your mother and I have a good marriage?” I gripped his hand and replied, “You had a beautiful marriage.” “Yes,” he said, and his face just glowed.  I realize that this is a fate which awaits all of us as we go through life.  If we do not experience this personally with our spouses, we will most likely have a family member who will go through this.  I don't know about you, but so often, I never think about the future much and try hard to be present in the moment I am in.  But after this encounter, I wanted to dive into the subject of "what if?"  This chorus is the promise we sing about in our new song, which we will be sharing in concert.


A three continent project

Synchronicity:  A lyricist in England is named a finalist in the UK Songwriting Competition and posts a note on the site seeking collaborators.  Having just been named a finalist on another collaboration,  I contact her and we create a song together.  Now it is in the hands of a producer in India from the same home town that inspired the lyrics.  With the addition of some Assam musicians and vocalists, we now have a three continent project.  It truly is a small world.

Uk contest

We were so excited to be recognized in this year's UK Songwriting Competition. This is the first year I entered a collaboration with a poet and friend of mine, which ended up as a finalist in the folk category.  Another exciting piece was getting to collaborate with a lyricist from the U.K. who was also a finalist.  This across the pond effort brought much joy to us both.  I will post this piece soon!

Finalist/Folk - "Drifting"    Collaboration with George Henriksen                   

Semi-Finalist- Singer-Songwriter 

Semi-Finalist/Folk - "Turn In To Me" Collaboration with Kim Castelo

Semi-Finalist/Folk- "Baby, Won't You Dance with Me                                   

Semi-Finalist/Folk- "Stone and Wood" 

Semi-Finalist/Folk - "It Matters"         

Semi-Finalist/Folk- "Speak to Me in  London"

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