The Windfall Story

The short story: He knocked on the door…and I answered.

Both of us had put an ad up at the Seattle Musician’s Union and were meeting for the first time.  Literally, I saw his face and my heart said, “That’s the man you were supposed to marry.”  And then I left town for Colorado.

Having been a songwriter from the age of fourteen, I headed off and formed several country rock bands in Colorado that played the front range. He and I talked once a year, mostly both wondering why authentic love was so hard to find. Then he stopped by in Denver on his way to another destination.  He said when he got off the plane, his heart said, “That’s the girl I was supposed to marry,” only he was behind by eight years.   Six months later we were married, and Windfall was born.

I wrote this song while reflecting on our love story as we entered our 7th decade.  The video was inspired by the deep love our friend Barbara had for her husband Neil who was taken too soon by Alzheimer’s. The song was named a 2020 finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest in both the folk and love song categories.