We miss you!  Stay safe!
The world has been turned tipsy turvey these days, leaving us all outside of our normal rhythms.  We want you to know that we are fine, and our only concern is you!  Stay safe.  Follow directions from the helpers!  And remember to look out for those around you who may be needing your light and love.

During this pandemic time, feel free to download any music for free.  Share away... 

Notes from the Studio

 So excited that these tunes are now being considered in the finalist rounds of the U.K. Songwriting Contest for 2020.


”Sail the Seas” and “What If I Forget” will be on our next album, “Rear View Mirror”, which looks at our lives in The Third Act.  “Shake the Dust” is a “crisis song.” 


We will keep you posted with updates!





Turn into me

An accidental collaboration

When Kim Castelo gave a sermon on the importance of having someone you could “turn into,” she probably thought I was taking notes.  But I was actually writing this song inspired by the idea of being unconditionally accepted as we are, no fixing, no judging.  The song was a semi-finalist in the 2019 UK Songwriting Competition . 

Assam Skies is  now a VIDEO

Assam Skies is now a VIDEO

A poem, originally written by Karen Weed, became a collaboration after she sent me the words in search of a tune.  She then forwarded it to Jim Ankan Deka and a team of creatives to create the final recording and video.   

 Assam Skies depicts the life and relationship of an English tea planter and Rampiyari, a young tribal girl from the tea gardens of Assam. This is a true story based in the era of colonial rule in India. Rampiyari died of a broken heart when her two children were taken away from her and put into a home for orphans in Assam. It was the same year when their father married his English wife.

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