Poetry Sings  

A dear friend, George Henriksen, has observed the world and written poetry for almost fifty years.  Going through his work the other day looking for a poem I had once set to music, I reread one poem about an experience he had chronicled while watching water in the sound on a shifting day.  The poem literally said, "Set me to music."  And so I obeyed.

  1. Drifting

A Time of Reflection and Rest

Leaves fall, animals hibernate, the world enters a rhythm of rest and renewal.  And we are going to join them!  After a very busy summer, we are taking a creative sabbatical until 2019 to write, record, and focus on our family.  You know, music is cool, but spending time with our five grandkids trumps it all.  And we have experienced so much this year that I want to process as a songwriter so we enter back into performing with new songs.

A Time of Gratitude

We are so grateful for each and every one of you who have supported us.  After every concert where we met you, Tim and I both would reflect that we wished we could hang out with you as friends... You were warm and generous towards us, and we treasure you as our fellow tribe members!

"The Farmer in the dell"

This summer, we experienced the wonderful world of Farmer's Markets.  Never having done it before, we decided to dive right in.  And, boy, are we glad we did.  There is something so gratifying about creating a tiny piece of community through music spontaneously with strangers.  Oh, how I wish I had a video camera in my head to show you images of the precious moments.  A man hears a waltz and grabs his partner and dances into the market.  A young girl with special needs becomes a ballerina and creates a choreographed masterpiece.  People burst into spontaneous song.  We cant wait fo the next season to begin.

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