We hope you are surviving this once in a lifetime pandemic.  Please know our hearts are with you.  Until we all make it through this together, all of our music is free to download and share.  Hope is on the horizon!

Almost ready!

Our new album is heading to the presses!

Containing two UK Songwriting finalists, we have gathered up songs that reflect the introspection that comes with living until your “third act”.  

2020 Finalists - UK songwriting contest

We are excited with four finalist selections for this year’s contest.  Most exciting for me as a composer was having my new melody for Paul McCartney’s lyrics to Yesterday being chosen as one of eight finalists.  

Assam skies selected

Three continent collaboration continues to gain attention

UK Lyricist Karen Weed and I connected through the UK Songwriting Contest, and I set her lyrics to music.  She collaborated with producer, musician Jim Ankan Deka in India, and through his efforts, this video and song were recorded using local musicians.