Standing in those rich fields of Washington State, we could not have imagined that post-pandemic we would be settled in the Sonoran Desert south of Tucson.  But here we are, a couple of guitars, some cats, and ready to embrace live music again!  Looking forward to sharing the journey with you.
       We so appreciate the opportunities that opened up for our music here. From St. Phillips Plaza, Trail Dust Town, CPAC in Green Valley, Woodsongs, and The Tucson Folk Festival…we have met a welcoming community of creative collaborators and look forward to many more meet ups!
        And now, we are excited to welcome our newest band member, Arlene Tomlinson on stand up bass.  For thirty five years we have been waiting for her, and she is the perfect addition.  Well known in the Tucson area, Arlene is also the bassist for Hamilton Beech, and she has played with numerous groups throughout her career.  She was worth waiting for!

Windfall is on a mission with you….

Build Community/Spread Hope

Do you have a passion to help make the world a better place?

Do you have a cause you would love to support? Do you love gathering with friends?  Let us help put all the pieces together for an evening of original folk music and the stories that inspired the songs.  

Choose a cause.  Invite your friends for appetizers and drinks, and let them know that Windfall, an acoustic folk duo, will be providing a concert of award winning original music for free, with voluntary donations going to your favorite cause.  

It’s that easy.  We donate our time to help you support your chosen organization all in the company of your friends.

Songwriting recognition…

FINALIST - Folk  What If I Forget - Sail the Seas - Drifting Love Songs What If I Forget Challenge- New Melody Yesterday                            

SEMI-FINALIST-Folk Shake The Dust Off of Your Feet-Your Last Words - Turn In To Me - Baby, Won't You Dance -  Stone and Wood - It Matters - Speak to Me in  London - Shores of Italy - Farmhouse Waltz -Something Beautiful - Bottom of the Well - If It Were Your Kid - Picture Me - Wings of a Dove - Biggest Best Mistake - You Are Gold - I Will Wait For You - Unknown - Move Into the Light - A Woman in Her Prime  


"Listening to the music of Char Seawell and Windfall  is like hanging out in that favorite hole-in-the-wall coffee shop you adore...  it's intimate, familiar, yet constantly surprises you, and provides a memorable experience you'll want to repeat again and again."    

Bree Noble,, CEO, #1 Award-Winning Women of Substance Radio & Podcast