Excited to announce this first selection for our multi-national music efforts based on a true story from Karen Weed in the U.K.


We were so excited to be recognized in this year's UK Songwriting Competition. This is the first year I entered a collaboration with a poet and friend of mine, which ended up as a finalist in the folk category.  Another exciting piece was getting to collaborate with a lyricist from the U.K., Karen Weed, who was also a semi-finalist in the lyrics category.  This across the pond effort brought much joy to us both.  

Finalist/Folk - "Drifting"    Collaboration with George Henriksen                   

Semi-Finalist- Singer-Songwriter 

Semi-Finalist/Folk - "Turn In To Me" Collaboration with Kim Castelo

Semi-Finalist/Folk- "Baby, Won't You Dance with Me                                   

Semi-Finalist/Folk- "Stone and Wood" 

Semi-Finalist/Folk - "It Matters"         

Semi-Finalist/Folk- "Speak to Me in  London"

 A poem, originally written by Karen Weed, became a collaboration after she sent me the words in search of a tune.  She then forwarded it to Jim Ankan Deka and a team of creatives to create the final recording and video.   

 Assam Skies depicts the life and relationship of an English tea planter and Rampiyari, a young tribal girl from the tea gardens of Assam. This is a true story based in the era of colonial rule in India. Rampiyari died of a broken heart when her two children were taken away from her and put into a home for orphans in Assam. It was the same year when their father married his English wife.

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