The songwriter story…

Pacific Northwest singer/songwriter Char Seawell spent her early years as a songwriter doing concerts at military bases in California and Frankfurt, Germany before moving on to Colorado and Wyoming playing in local country- rock bands Silverton Station and The Tailgate Orchestra, and as a solo artist. During those years, she was a semi-finalist in the American Song Festival and won numerous awards in the Colorado Composers Classic as well as being chosen as a finalist in the Colorado/Wyoming Battle of the Bands. 

After a move to the Pacific Northwest, for the next thirty years, Char raised her family and taught writing to teenagers in public school while continuing to pursue her writing career.  During those years, she co-wrote an historical full length musical, published her first book and numerous essays, and continued her song writing career while also volunteering as a worship leader. 

Now retired and an empty nester, Char Seawell is joined by her husband, singer/guitarist Tim Seawell, and Deb Montgomery, vocalist, performing as Windfall, a folk music trio whose music reflects the everyday struggles and joys of ordinary people trying to make it through life with some small amount of courage and grace.  From local coffeehouses to fundraisers and house concerts, Windfall continues to share their songs with audiences of all ages. 

Char says of her writing, “I consider myself a downloader.  I observe the world around me, and I hear stories or see situations that move me in a deep place and songs arrive. I am inspired by the lives around me …by those tender moments revealed when folks encounter life’s struggles and keep going anyway."

Their fourth album, “Prayers of the Blue and Gray” is a collection of songs written from stories that emerged during a visit to Gettysburg and other Civil War battle sites.  “Life Happens”, released in 2015, contains songs filled with the common human stories that bring us joy, frustration, longing, and ultimately, hope. Four of the songs were nominated as semi-finalists in the UK Songwriting Competition.  “Best Days of My Life”, their latest album, garnered seven semi-finalist awards in the prestigious U.K. Songwriting Contest, and Char was named a semi-finalist singer/songwriter in 2015, 2016 and 2018. 

"Poet of Stones" was finished in 2018.  The songs emerged after a week long wilderness white water rafting trip on the River of No Return in Idaho.

Currently, their newest album, “Rear View Mirror,” is in production.


    "Listening to the music of
    Char Seawell and Windfall 

    is like hanging out
    in that favorite hole-in-the-wall
    coffee shop you adore... 
    it's intimate, familiar,
    yet constantly surprises you,
    and provides  a memorable experience
    you'll want to repeat
    again and again."

    Bree Noble,, CEO, #1 Award-Winning Women of Substance Radio & Podcast