I would’ve bought that car – candy apple red 
impractical in leather, convertible in summer - 
I would’ve bought those wheels in shiny chrome 
gone 0 – 60 in six seconds flat – if I’d only known 

If I’d only known ...if I’d only known 
I guess I would’ve been impractical as hell ... if I’d only known 

I would’ve booked that trip to someplace warm 
though we didn’t have the money and we didn’t have the time 
I would’ve soaked up sun and danced ‘til dawn 
not scared of looking foolish – I would’ve held you in my arms –
If I’d only known 

We all know that life if often fragile 
and no one knows the number of their days 
But I know I would have been a lot less practical 
If I’d only known what I know today 

I would’ve held you more when times were tough 
I would’ve overlooked our struggles; I would’ve thought less of myself 
I would’ve never let a moment pass 
Without telling you I loved you more than life itself – If I would’ve known

If I’d only known ...if I’d only known  
I guess I would’ve been impractical as hell ... if I’d only known 

Fan reviews from internet Radio

“ Sweet...warm and poignant...Whenever you come on...I stop"

 “Your song popped up on Jango and when I heard the song and your voice I had to click on my browser to see who this was. Great voice!"

"Gorgeous song, and a beautiful voice." Evergreen

“ Anything you folks do is so appealing to me and I'm certain many others . Your voice is just BEAUTIFUL! ” Joan

“ Love your music! Beautiful voice and your words touch my heart."  Beth