Windblown - writer in progress

What if I forget? 

Just finished a new song, a duet with Tim where we pose to each other the question, “What if I forget...?” It is inspired by an elderly gentleman I met a few weeks ago at an adult family home. When I introduced myself, he smiled up at me and said, “Did your mother and I have a good marriage?” I gripped his hand and replied, “You had a beautiful marriage.” “Yes,” he said, and his face just glowed.  I realize that this is a fate which awaits all of us as we go through life.  If we do not experience this personally with our spouses, we will most likely have a family member who will go through this.  I don't know about you, but so often, I never think about the future much and try hard to be present in the moment I am in.  But after this encounter, I wanted to dive into the subject of "what if?"  This chorus is the promise we sing about in our new song, which we will be sharing in concert on May 25th at the Soulfood Coffeehouse in Redmond